ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Heads Back To Work

March 22, 2011

Demi Lovato is ready to get back to the grindstone.

She tweeted this morning: “First day back to working.. I can’t wait to share with you guys what I’m doing today.. It’s a big day for me.. So excited! I love you all!!!”

We can’t wait to see what Demi is working on.

In case you missed them, make sure to check out Demi’s exclusive Cambio videos:

Demi’s message to her fans
Demi explains the meaning of her tattoos

What do you all think Demi is working on? Are you excited for her projects this year?

3 Comments on “ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Heads Back To Work”

  1. I’m soooo happy. She is back! I want to hear new songs and Sonny with a chance 3 . Love Demi…

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