VIDEO: Timbaland likes Demi Lovato’s Music

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  1. Demi-
    You are beautiful! You should forget about those EVIL girls who said that stupid stuff to you they are Jealous of YOU!!!! I love you!!! Good Luck in Rehab!!!!

    -Bridget (your #1 fan)

  2. Demi, I sort of know how you feel. I feel dissatisfied with myself. It all started in 6th grade/my first year of public school (I was fully developed in the breast department when other girls weren’t) then one day at lunch a 7th grade girl asked me if I had plastic surgery because of my breasts. I told her no, but her friends just laughed. So I got up and moved several seats away from her. My friends told me to tell the guidance counsular so I did. Now I’m in 7th grade I still feel uncomfortable because of what she said. I can’t get it out of my head. I remember that the day the girl asked me what she did…….I went back to class with tears in my eyes….trying to hold them back. I held them in the rest of the day. Demi, the truth is most people would love to be you, have your life, have your body, look like you. Your quote about the girls who made that pettition, made me think I should start a “we all love demi lovato” Pettition!

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