PHOTOS: 2011 – Out at The Sherman Oaks Galleria – 1/30

She been looking happier (but of course with paparazzi, I’ll be slightly annoyed too), healthier, and beautiful! We are glad she’s back home and spending time focusing on family, close friends, and herself. Keep doing your thing, Demi!

4 Comments on “PHOTOS: 2011 – Out at The Sherman Oaks Galleria – 1/30”

  1. demi la verdad estamos felices que estes de regreso y te vayas a recuperar por completo que no tengas ninguna recaida, nadie quiere que te pase eso y sigas que adelante con tu vida y la disfrutes muchos y tengas una gran recuperacion.

  2. demi truth we’re happy you’re back and you go to get the full that you have no relapse, no one wants you to pass it and follow it on with your life and enjoy it a lot and have a great recovery.

  3. Demiiiiiiiiiiii is Back :)) i’m so Happy u r the best female singer !! and your beauty is natural plzz demi still the way u r don’t change like Miley cyrus we love u kiss ( u r my idol ;) )

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