ARTICLE: Disney “Shake It Up” Stars Talk Demi Lovato

Disney “Shake It Up” Stars Talk Demi Lovato
November 15, 2010 by: Bridget Daly

Hollyscoop talked exclusively with the stars of Disney’s new it show Shake It Up at the Tangled premiere, and they are just so damn cute! They remind me of the way Miley Cyrus was when she was first starting out.

They talked to me about Demi Lovato, and fitting into the “Disney mold.”

Bella Thorne, whom everyone is calling the next Miley, said she doesn’t get the comparisons. “I don’t feel that I’m put under pressure. I think the Disney Mold, I don’t really get that, I don’t know what the Disney mold is.”

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Probably better that she doesn’t know! Bella added, I’m so happy to…have this whole big family and have people look up to me or whatever. I think that’s really great.”

Bella didn’t want to comment on Demi, but her co-star Zendaya Coleman did. “I mean, I try to stay out of other people’s business,” Coleman told me. “I know she is going through a tough time right now…I just say get better– that is all.”

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Fellow Shake It Up cast mate Roshon Fegan added his words of encouragement for Lovato. “Believe in yourself, a lot of people listen to everyone but themselves. It’s hard too at times when you have so many voices around you speaking for you.

“I know deep inside she’s an amazing person and has great judgment. She just has to take some time to listen to what she really wants to do, listen to herself. I think it will all be okay.”

So cute that they’re all so supportive! But you know deep down they’re trying not to be the next Hollywood screw-up!

Check out our EXCLUSIVE coverage with the Shake It Up kids below!


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