ARTICLE: Demi Lovato “Doing Great” in Treatment

Our hearts and prayers go out to Demi Lovato and her family during this difficult time. We wish her a well recovery and all the love we can give her.

Fri., Nov. 5, 2010 11:37 AM PDT by Ashley Fultz

Good news: Demi Lovato appears to be getting the help she needs. A source close to the Disney star tells E! News exclusively that Demi is “doing great” in treatment.

“She is getting help and on her way to getting better,” they said.

But what exactly is she up to in there (wherever there is)?

The source says that right now Demi is “isolated” and isn’t allowed to speak to friends or family or even to have visitors, all in order to better focus on her treatment.

As far as when she will get to leave the facility, which has yet to be identified, the source tells E! News, “It depends on the doctor’s advice and how well Demi progresses.”

While Lovato’s whereabouts remain unknown, it’s clear at least that Demi is seeking help far away from the glare of Los Angeles.

“Demi is not receiving care at one of the Hollywood-type centers,” a source close to the family told E! News. “She is at a real facility that specializes in helping adolescent and adult women with the types of issues she has battled throughout her life. Details about her care are going to remain private.”


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  1. I love Demi sooooooooo much and I hope she feels much better and I wish her the best.She shouldn’t care what others think and I think that Demi is amazing because of what she’s doing to help with bullying,she rocks and I’ll always be a fan of hers no matter what!

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