ARTICLE: Jonas Brothers/Demi crazy to 42 thousand in the Foro Sol

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Spanish To English translation:

Over 42 thousand children and teenagers could enjoy music from your favorite band Jonas Brothers, who gave a concert here Sunday as part of her “Camp Rock 2” and which were accompanied by Demi Lovato.

The preamble did the cast of “Camp Rock 2”, who performed tracks from the movie “Star the party”, “Fire” and “We Rock”, and made known to the small choreography.

After completing this presentation, it was the turn of singer Demi Lovato, who wore a fitted black dress and short, causing the euphoria of those present, he begins his performance with “Get back.”

Lovato addressed the audience to express their gratitude for being here and say that he likes being in this country, but all in English, as well as not left to tell Mexicans I love you.

Also, the singer invited Samantha, a successful public with her singing the song “What I am.” Later could be heard at the Foro Sol issues “La la land”, “Catch me / Don ‘t forget.”

Lovato did not fail to greet his fans every time he approached the edge of the stage, so no lack of hands that were stretched to be narrowed by child star, the portfolio was completed with the songs “Got dynamite,” ” Here we go again “,” Brand New Day “,” We can not back down “,” It’s not too late “and” It’s on”.

The spectacle of the guys from Disney, which took place at the Foro Sol, meant that young people do not stop screaming excited to see them on stage and hear them sing.

Between a play of light and euphoric cries of those present, arrived at the scene Nick, Joe and Kevin, who led his greetings to some 42 thousand 500 people gathered at the place and to start the concert, they chose the lyrics of the song ” Feelin ‘alive’

This time, the group relied on three huge screens and three extensions of the stage, to take a better approach to the public and even Joe ventured off the floorboard and greet more closely to its fans, who welcomed him with hugs.

“Hold on”, “Year 3000”, “Play my music”, “Heart & Soul” was also echoed by younger audiences, for the track “Introducing me” Nick Jonas told him the time to sing and had two minutes six seconds to finish the song.

That was why they appeared on stage to carry a digital clock counting and Nick performed the song so quickly, as it does in the movie.

This was followed by “Gotta Find You” BB Good, “Still in Love,” “Paranoid,” “Drive My Car”, “LA Baby” and a duet with Demi Lovato on “You are my favorite song.

For the song “Who I am,” Nick was only on stage with his guitar, while the screens are projected images of people who describe what they do, in one of the shots, came the star, who said be “diabetic”, a disease that was published some years ago.

With its piano, the young also played “Black yes” and then with Joe and Kevin sang “A Little Bit lounge”, “Fly with me”, “When you look me in the eyes.”

Then followed “Please Be Mine” and the screens are projected some images of the singers when they were little and then closed with “Lovebug” but at the insistence of the public returned to sing “SOS” and “Burnin’up.

In addition Joe wore a huge sombrero and waving the Mexican flag, which caused the present shouted by that fact and applauding.


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