ARTICLE: Demi Lovato:”The biggest dream of my life is to become a mom”

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October 25, 2010 • 11:56

Demi Lovato is in the midst of his world tour and about to make the South American leg of it, but always finds time to send messages to their followers through Twitter. In his most recent posting the beautiful Demi said his biggest wish would become a mother and wife.

‘The music and action are incredible. Are my passions. But my biggest dream in life is to become a wife and mother. That is life, ‘said Demi Lovato by that network.

Demi Lovato was in partnership with his partner Joe Jonas tour earlier this year, but their relationship did not last long. The star is seeking the right partner and with which to fulfill his dream. Lovato with Jonas Brothers arrive this week, our country on his second visit to Peru in less than two years. The concert takes place this Saturday 30 at the Monumental Stadium Concourse.


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