EXCLUSIVE! Demi Lovato Reveals That One Of Her Tattoos

EXCLUSIVE! Demi Lovato Reveals That One Of Her Tattoos Reminds Her Of A ‘Dark Time’ In Her Life
September 24th, 2010

Could Demi be talking about her split from Joe Jonas?

Demi Lovato is certainly trying to prove she’s not a child anymore! In addition to her sexy new look, the Disney darling reveals that she’s got multiple tattoos and piercings — AND has been through a “dark time.”

“I already have tattoos and piercings. I have one [tattoo] behind my ear and one on my ribs. The other day I pierced my ear; I got my cartilage pierced,” the 18-year-old Camp Rock 2 starlet told HollywoodLife.com exclusively during a phone chat. “It’s not that cool or whatever but I decided I really wanted to do it, so it was the first time I didn’t need anybody there like a parent. But I want more [tattoos] and I’m excited to be able to just like call a friend and be like, ‘I want a tattoo, let’s go.’”

But what does all this body art MEAN to the seemingly sweet young actress — and what, exactly, does she have imprinted on her body forever and ever? “I have a feather behind my ear, and it honestly doesn’t mean anything. I just think it’s cute. It’s a light blue feather, but it looks more like a leaf, so I gotta fix it,” she said, before adding, “I have a side piece that says ‘You Make Me Beautiful’ and it’s a song by Bethany Dillon. The words were so encouraging and lifted me through a really dark time in my life. It’s kind of a Christian tattoo, so for me it’s religious, but it could be for anybody.”

Dark time, eh? Could Demi be talking about her split from ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas? The former BFFs broke up in May of this year after only two months of dating; he started dating Twilight star Ashley Greene soon after and even brought her on tour with he and Demi! Ouch.

Perhaps that’s why Demi is changing things up! In addition to her tattoos and piercings, she’s been dressing sexier — just check out the LBD she wore onstage at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif. Sept. 18 and you be the judge!

Although we’re guessing there’s another reason behind her new look, Demi denies it. “No, I’m just changing it because I’m getting older and I feel more comfortable in things that make me feel more confident!”


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