ARTICLE: Demi Lovato ‘Would Love To See’ A ‘Camp Rock 3’

Demi Lovato ‘Would Love To See’ A ‘Camp Rock 3’
Posted 8 hrs ago by Jocelyn Vena in Movie News, Videos

“Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” certainly was a ratings gangbuster. Thanks to the 8 million people who tuned into the flick on Friday (September 3) when it premiered on Disney Channel, it seems likely that a lot of people would be excited to continue the fun in a third flick. And, it was an idea that the film’s fearless female lead, Demi Lovato, was certainly down with when MTV News caught up with her earlier this summer.

“We don’t know! It could be. It could be the end,” she teased about the flick. “It could be the next chapter! I would love to see another ‘Camp Rock’ movie happen.”

Demi also seemed completely excited by the idea of taking “Camp Rock” to the big screen, if they should happen to make it a trilogy. It would be the same step that the third (and final) “High School Musical” flick made. “That could be a really cool step. It might come to a point where we’re all doing our own things or maybe it doesn’t work because ‘Camp Rock’ is now closed. You never know so you’ll just have to find out,” she revealed. “Maybe I’m just trying to throw you off.”

It should be noted that if “Camp Rock 2” had opened in theaters, it would have grossed $63.2 million on its opening night, based on Friday night viewers and the country’s average ticket sales. That might be a reason enough to try and make that magic happen at least one more time for a big screen adaptation of the tale. Plus who wouldn’t love seeing Demi and the JoBros on the big screen!

Did you watch “Camp Rock 2” this weekend? Are you hoping for a third flick?

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