ARTICLE: Demi Lovato: Urban Outfitter Lover!

THU, 23 SEPTEMBER 2010 AT 1:46 AM

Demi Lovato puts money into the meter before heading into Urban Outfitters in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (September 22).

The 18-year-old Sonny starlet headed to the popular shop after stopping at a salon for a quick tanning session.

Demi recently shared in an interview that she’s taking her cue from Dakota Fanning when it comes to acting. She shared, “I feel like I don’t want to go too edgy, I don’t want to go too family friendly – I’d rather just play normal teenage roles. I think Dakota Fanning does a really good job at the roles that she picks, so I kind of want to go down that route.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Demi’s picking of roles?


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