This Just In: Sneak a Peek at Demi Lovato on Grey’s Anatomy

Today 12:31 PM PDT by Kristin Dos Santos and Jenna Mullins

Has Demi Lovato ever made you want to claw your eyes out? No? Us neither, ’cause after meeting her in person on the Grey’s Anatomy set, we can tell you the girl is lovely—inside and out. (Sorry to burst your bubble, aspiring Joe Jonas girlfriends!) What’s not so lovely? The photo above, which Demi just twittered from her time on the Grey’s set. I was there exclusively with the Disney Channel star and songstress as she shot her Seattle Grace scenes a couple of weeks back, and here’s the dealio, along with the scoop on Lost, Mad Men and a Heroes star who just confirmed he’s gone for good…

Though we’ve been asked to hold our footage with her a little longer, I can reveal that Demi’s character Hayley is so not in a good place—mentally or physically—as evidenced by her self-inflected scratch marks in the photo above and by the words so slyly (no?) used in the first sentence of this story. Demi’s character is schizophrenic, and she can hear everything, but she’s in good hands: Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). Suffice to say, it’s gonna be a very dramatic episode. Mark your calendars. May 13.

SOURCE: E! Online

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  1. wow that pic is so cool it looks like her cat jumped
    on her….. Its sooo amazing for her to be GREY’S

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