Boston Herald Interviews Demi.

What artists have influenced what you do as a musician?

I think Kelly Clarkson. Also Paramore. They have a great sound. The Jonas Brothers co-wrote and produced six of the songs and they had a lot of input, so they influenced the album.

You recently turned 16. What was the party like?

I didn’t really throw a party. I went to Applebee’s with my band.


Yeah, I love Applebee’s. On the day of my birthday, I had a concert so 18,000-20,000 were singing happy birthday to me. It was awesome.

When you’re being tabbed as the next Miley Cyrus or the next Jonas Brothers, how does that affect you?

I’m not allowed to read some of the gossip sites because they really take a toll on you. So I don’t see a lot of that. I like to focus on what I’m doing. I’m just having a good time right now.

What’s it like so far starring in your own series, “Welcome to Holliwood”?

It’s very crazy. I was nervous in the beginning. It’s hard to carry a comedy show. If you’re not funny, the show is not going to be funny. I’ve never had a lot of confidence in comedy, but I’ve really let loose and totally had fun with it…


Arriving At LAX

Hey guys! I added some pictures of Demi on September 21, 2008 arriving at LAX.



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Over 170+ Photos!

I had these “Personal/Rare” pictures of Demi (some with friends, family) collecting in my hard drive, I thought I would just all add it.

Make sure you please credit DEMICENTRAL.COM if you plan on using for your sites or anywhere else. A lot are rare and all are untagged. Some took me forever to get so please do respect that! IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING IN THE ALBUM BIGGER/CLEARER or have the ORIGINAL, please email them to us at


P.P.P. Shoot

Hey again! I added some photos from this photoshoot from Princess Protection Program by Clark Samuels. Make sure you credit


Rena Durham Photoshoot

Hey guys! I added a photoshoot Demi did with Rena Durham. Sorry that they are tagged. Remember to credit


New Photos!

Hey Fans!

These were some of the photo sets were suppose to add before we moved, now I have added them. Please credit if you use or send it someone to use, tell them to credit us. Thank you!

Arriving at Airport – 09/20/08 – Credit Demi Central

Photoshoot #14 – Clark Samuels – Credit Demi Central


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