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Gallery Update (5/28)

Gallery Update (5/28)

Apologies for being MIA lately, to make up for it, I’ve updated the gallery with all events, performances, and photoshoots dating back to March; as well as screen captures from Cheat Codes’ music video featuring Demi! Enjoy!

Photos: Demi Lovato on Glee

Photos: Demi Lovato on Glee

I have added captures of Demi from her 4 episode arc on Glee to the image gallery.

0005.jpg 0017.jpg 0057.jpg 0064.jpg

0006.jpg 0014.jpg 0033.jpg 0013.jpg

0003.jpg 0001.jpg 0009.jpg 0022.jpg

Photos: Stay Strong Documentary Captures

Photos: Stay Strong Documentary Captures

Captures from Demi’s 2012 documentary, Stay Strong have been added to the gallery.

dlc_StayStrong_0017.jpg dlc_StayStrong_0018.jpg dlc_StayStrong_0059.jpg dlc_StayStrong_1811.jpg

Photos: Various Television Appearance Photos

Various captures of Demi Lovato have been added to our screen captures category. These are just a few of them, please visit the category itself to view them all!

0028.jpg 0010.jpg 0084.jpg 0107.jpg

0004.jpg 0038.jpg 0023.jpg 0205.jpg

0002.jpg 0025.jpg 0005.jpg 0040.jpg

Photos: Various Award Show Screen Captures

Photos: Various Award Show Screen Captures

I have added some captures of Demi from some award shows that she did to the image gallery.

0029.jpg 0053.jpg 0087.jpg 0030.jpg

0028.jpg 0041.jpg 0079.jpg 0195.jpg

0009.jpg 0041.jpg 0215.jpg 0289.jpg

“Without A Fight” Music Video

The music video for Brad Paisley’s song “Without A Fight,” which features Demi, has just been released and I’ve added screen captures into the gallery. You can also watch the video below!

“Stone Cold” Official Music Video

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