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Photos: Rehearsal for Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular in Boston

Images of Demi rehearsing for the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular that was held in Boston this July 4 have been added to the image gallery.

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Photos: Future Now Tour in Brooklyn

I have added some photos of Demi from the Brooklyn tour date for the Future Now Tour to the gallery.

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Photos: Future Now Tour

Photos: Future Now Tour

I’ve just added photos from the first three nights of the Future Now Tour from Atlanta, Sunrise and Orlando into the gallery. I’ve also added more promotional photos from the tour as well.

Photos: American Way Magazine Outtakes

Photos: American Way Magazine Outtakes

I’ve just added outtakes from the American Way Magazine photoshoot. Enjoy!

“Without A Fight” Music Video

The music video for Brad Paisley’s song “Without A Fight,” which features Demi, has just been released and I’ve added screen captures into the gallery. You can also watch the video below!

Demi on Good Morning America

Demi performed on Good Morning America earlier today. You can check out high quality photos of her performance in the gallery. Keep checking back later for more! If you missed her performance, you can watch the videos below as well!

Photos: Billboard Music Awards

Photos: Billboard Music Awards

I’ve just added a bunch of high quality photos from last night’s Billboard Music Awards in the gallery.

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